Omega Biological Laboratories, Inc./BioChem Laboratory, Inc. is a full service microbiology and analytical testing specialty laboratory, registered with the FDA for pharmaceutical and cosmetic analysis. We offer full FDA, GMP, and GLP validated methods for the cosmetic industry.

Omega /BioChem takes precedence in our sensitivity to client assistance and satisfaction. We will readily donate our time and sagacity to ensure not only excellent quality control, but sound compliance with regulatory agencies by advice on the completion of forms and reports, method development, technical consulting, and on-site inspections. The customers' need for prompt, accurate, confidential, and affordable testing is our priority to deliver. Our scientists are not only competent but courteous; dedicated to a job well done.

Everyday Omega/BioChem delivers clients the information their businesses need. Our relationships with clients like you are developed and nurtured through a unique trust built upon:

Dependable Results
Superior Customer Service

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